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City :Arusha
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Environment, recycling
Social, public and human services
Greenways, forests, hunting
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Honeyguide’s mission is to make community-based conservation deliver in northern Tanzania. It brings sophisticated technical, management and business skills directly to local communities at key sites, designing and testing out a conservation model that can be replicated countrywide. 
Our key focus is to deliver self-sustaining Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), these are community-run conservation areas. We select our  sites as they are located next to key protected areas and provide critical habitat and migration routes for elephants, zebra, giraffe and many other species. 
We see ourselves as social entrepreneurs where we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of local ownership in conservation, and so our work focuses on empowering people and communities to protect their land and natural resources. Central to our approach is the idea that community conservation areas can succeed when run as social enterprises, meaning they are environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable. From the business side, this involves deriving financial gains from natural resources to reduce or remove donor dependence. To this end, Honeyguide offers business advice and actively seeks partnerships that will bring tangible benefits to local residents. To promote social sustainability, we engage multiple stakeholders—resident communities, government officials, and wildlife managers to name a few—to ensure each receives tangible benefits, thereby building broad-based support for conservation goals. In creating conservation-based local enterprises with stakeholder buy-in, we aim to move people and wildlife from a state of coexistence to interdependence, thereby incentivizing protection of their shared natural space.
Together we are all Tanzanians dedicated to creating a Tanzania of tomorrow in which people and wildlife not only coexist, but live in a state of mutual benefit and interdependence.