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Living Soul Tanzania

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Company :Living Soul Tanzania
City :Kigoma
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Social, public and human services
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Living Soul Foundation (LSF) is a Non-Government Organization reaching youth age students in primary and secondary schools providing support in reducing early pregnancies and student dropouts. Additionally, we provide shelter for teenage mothers in distress; to educate, equip and encourage new life as they return to their communities transformed to lead and teach others to positively impact the next generation. LSF is located in Kigoma region assisting a select group of young pregnant girls under the age of 15 years old for a live-in program of two years. LSF provides health education, trauma and spiritual counseling, pre-natal care, health care, vocational training, and life skills to the girls within the center with the aim to reintegrate into society. The young girls will be living in a safe and secure shelter that will ensure an environment in which they can thrive in and begin to raise their children. Preparatory assistance through vocational or traditional education is one of the main focuses of LSF so that the young mothers can be self-sustaining once they exit the shelter. An additional focus of LSF is to have a direct impact on the local community through partnerships with private and public primary and secondary educational  and other institutions to educate and focus on family health issues. Such as, reducing early pregnancies, gender based violence, child protections, youth development and other issues that have been identified and selected by LSF and  local leaders as important.