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» R&D, project management
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Professional experience . 5 to 10 years
Professional Experience: 
Research Fellow (Intern)
Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank LTD (TADB) under the Directorate of Research, Policy and Planning.
Since 08.2019
Responsibilities:  To conducts research to support TADB policy agenda on agricultural financing activities through provision of short, medium and long-term credit  Assist the TADB with qualitative and quantitative data collection in the field and analysis which involves review and analysis of international, regional, national and local data sources  Carry out literature and evidence reviews, including identifying relevant research evidence, appraising the quality of evidence and writing up key findings as case studies, news and policy briefs  Work as part of Directorate of Policy, Research and Planning research team, actively participate in research meetings and where applicable research administration.  To focus mostly on coffee, cotton and insurance  Carry out any form of work as assigned by the Director of Policy, Research and Planning Achievement:  Achieve to prepare news article for media publishing.  Able to understand how agriculture insurance works.  Able to produce and present other above mentioned reports to the Director of Research, Policy and Planning
Proposal Coordinator
“Holy Spirit Community Secular Institute of Women in all State - Himo, Kilimanjaro Region”.
06.2019 - 07.2019
Developing and writing Education Project Proposal for Funding to MIVA Tanzania. Responsibilities:  Researches facts and data necessary for proposal writing.  Design and writing Project Proposal for Construction of four Classroom at Sezakofi Village, collaboration with client, architecture and ward education officer in Handeni District.  Work closely with the management team from “Holy Spirit Community Secular Institute of Women in all State - Himo, Kilimanjaro Region to ensure that proposal is developed in compliance with donor requirements. Achievement: Able to produce convincing and clear proposal report to MIVA Tanzania (Donor) in collaboration with task force team from Himo, Kilimanjaro Region.
Research Assistant
National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) through the technical support of World Bank.
05.2015 - 07.2015
Research on Productive Social Safety Net - Impact Evaluation (PSSN-IE) in 15 villages at Sumbawanga Rural District in Rukwa Region and 2 streets at Ilala District in Dar-es-Salaam Region. Responsibilities:  Attending intensive training about the objectives of the research and how to entering data by using mobile tablets through Census and Survey Processing (CS-Pro) system; and how to use anthropometry tools to measure height, weight and nutritional status (by using Mid Upper Arm Circumference – MUAC Tape), that organized by NBS and Tanzania Food and Nutritional Centre (TFNC).  Review questionnaires and edit data to ensure completeness and accuracy of information.  Listing the households of the corresponding Enumeration Areas (EA) maps in every village.  Interviewing selected and non-selected household by using CSPro System on the mobile tablet. Accomplishments:  Get familiar with the use of CS-Pro system, also understand different use of the scales.  Able to cover 15 villages at Sumbawanga Rural Districts and 2 streets at Dar-es-Salaam Region.  Achieved to work in diversity culture, team work with different level of employees.
Team Leader
Vodacom Tanzania PLC under Customer Service Department.
09.2012 - 08.2015
Responsibilities:  Attending morning huddles with other team leaders and supervisors.  Arrange and attend team quality meeting with Quality Assessor.  Prepare and present daily team performance report to the Senior Managers.  Prepare and present working hours and over time (OT) reports to the HR department.  Act as a communicator for head count report and all queries that are happening on the floor.  To ensure proper utilization of remedy ticketing system for tracking customer interaction and problem solving.  To maintain 24hours Service Level Agreement (SLA) by efficiently troubleshooting and resolving customer queries escalated via remedy and other media interactions. Also act as a Volunteer to support CSR activities with Vodacom Foundation  Facilitate the provision of basic needs to Don Bosco and Mwandaliwa Orphanage Centres.  Organizing FISTULA INATIBIKA campaign, collaboration with CCBRT and UNFPA.  Designing and implementing “HAKUNA WASICHOWEZA PROJECT” that dedicate to ensure school girls have an access to education through teach and supply of reusable pads and pants, in collaboration with T-MARC and USAID at Mtwara and Lindi. Accomplishments:  Able to handle team in consensus and win –win agreements.  Maintain 24 hours SLA and raise the team adherence and quality performance.  Get familiar with a numbers of computer software; also able to work on shift schedules.
Research Coordinator
Tanzania Milk Processors Association through the support of the BEST-Dialogue.
07.2012 - 08.2012
Research on VAT zero-rating for milk and milk products in (Dares- Salaam, Iringa and Tanga regions) Tanzania; by looking on competitiveness, quality, price, sales turnover, sales volume and VAT information of Tanzania dairy products compare with imported dairy products. Responsibilities:  Administer survey questionnaires to the supermarkets including GAME, SHOPRITE, IMALASEKO supermarkets and other retail outlets.  Collect quantitative data from milk processors and from milk distribution agents.  Conduct and analysis all qualitative responses from survey, in collaboration with University of Dar-es-Salaam Business School (UDBS), BEST-Dialogue and Tanzania Revenue Authority - TRA  Compile and tabulating all quantity data including VAT information, price and sales turnover.  Present research findings to the Members of Parliament, TAX Officers and other diary stakeholders to find a good mechanism to implement VAT zero-rating for milk and milk products. Achievements:  Able to manage research budget, cover all research sites with good field reports.  Able to convince Members of Parliament, TAX Officers and other diary stakeholders on the issue of have VAT zero-rating for milk and milk products in Tanzania.
Research Assistant
Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)
04.2012 - 06.2012
Survey of household enterprises and group activities under the Community Based - Conditional Cash Transfer (CB-CCT) program at Kibaha and Bagamoyo districts respectively in Coastal Region and; at Chamwino district in Dodoma Region. Responsibilities:  Conduct community meeting and facilitate pilot study at Mlandizi field site in Coastal Region.  Administer survey questionnaires to the program beneficiaries.  Facilitate Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in collaboration with the Community Management Committee (CMC), Village Council (VC) and other potential enablers.  Analyse qualitative research findings, prepare and present field reports to the field supervisors. Achievements:  Able to identify local chicken project as one of the Income Generation Activities (IGA’s).  Advice TASAF team to consider enablers as a change agent for their potentials having within the community.
Field Coordinator
Misserior Donor from Germany.
03.2012 - 03.2012
Conducting Baseline Survey to the target beneficiaries during the writing of Funding Request Proposal of local chicken project; in collaboration with Misserior Donor, Village Officer, Livestock Officer at Sezakofi Village, Handeni District in Tanga Region. Survey specific based on:  Socio-economic status of the targeted group.  Gender aspect on participate on socio-economic development in a proposed project area.  Barriers that facing achievement of the previous project that relate to the proposed project. Achievements:  Able to identifying some of barriers that facing achievement of the previous project that relate to the proposed local chicken project including late to vaccinate local chicken that led to spread of new castle disease and recommend the next project to have paraprofessional approach which will help to have near extension services to beneficiaries.  Also advice Donor to organize early vaccination of local chicken of the proposed project areas.
Self Employed
08.2012 - 04.2015
Organized a Private Leaning Center for Distance Learners Facilitate and teaching students who were pursuing Bachelor of Education under Distance Learning Program offered by Open University of Tanzania. The following are courses I offered to them: 1. OED 311 - Human Rights Education 2. OED 301 - Education Research and Statistics 3. OEM 301 - Economic of Education and Planning Achievements:  Able to organize learning center, managing learning groups and prepare learning materials.  Achieved to handle group because majority of learners are adults (psychological maturity).
COMPUTER PROFICIENCY a) Database Programs: Ms. Access, Oracle & MySQL b) Research and Statistical Programs: Ms. Excel, SPSS, STATA, CS-Pro, Power BI Desktop, ODK & R
Education . Master
Masters of Agricultural Economics and Management
Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
09.2015 - 07.2018
Bachelor degree of Rural Development
Sokoine University of Agriculture
09.2008 - 07.2011
More information
Arusha - Dar es Salaam - Dodoma - Geita - Iringa - Kagera - Katavi - Kigoma - Kilimanjaro - Lindi - Manyara - Mara - Mbeya - Morogoro - Mtwara - Mwanza - Njombe - Pemba - Pwani - Rukwa - Ruvuma - Shinyanga - Simiyu - Singida - Songwe - Tabora - Tanga - Zanzibar - International
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